5 Online Platforms to Help You Unwind after Work



Everyone needs and deserves a little bit of TLC every so often, especially after a long day at work. While many of us are constantly tuned into our computer screens, mobile devices, and other technologies at the workplace, we’re lucky…

A solid work-life balance is necessary to keep you grounded, sane, and productive, so regular unwinding is necessary for a healthy, sustainable routine. Here are five online platforms that’ll be waiting for you by the time you clock out and kick your feet up after the workday grind:

1. Watch Online

Gone are the days of yesteryear when we’d switch on the TV only to mindlessly flip through seemingly endless channels with few favorable, entertaining choices. Save your time and bypass frustration by checking out Watch Online to make a list of your favorite TV shows and discover when they’re on so that you can plan your time wisely and never miss out on a premier. You can also find direct links from which you can stream your preferred series (over the likes of HBO Go, Netflix, Amazon, and more), as well as discover new titles that may strike your fancy.

2. Tempo Run

If you’re more of an active go-getter than a couch potato and you still have the energy to hit the pavement for a post-work evening run, look to TempoRun to generate music playlists that’ll perfectly sync in harmony with your pace and stride. TempoRun categorizes your music library by songs’ tempo or BPM (beats per minute) on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 corresponding to a leisurely walk, 5 a mild jog, and 10 representing a full sprint. In addition to generating playlists based on your running speed, TempoRun also tracks and analyzes your running stats so you’ll get a solid grasp of all of your workout time, distance, and calorie burn.

3. Insight Timer

If you’re hoping to balance your senses and constructively clear your mind once you get home, then look no further than Insight Timer, the leading meditation app on both Android and iOS devices (as well as online). Choose from over 4,000 guided meditations of varying lineages, lengths, and languages, or simply put on the timer to customize your own meditation with your choice of bells and ambient sounds. There’s also a solid community/social aspect to Insight Timer, allowing you to connect with friends and make new ones from around the world.

4. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

Brought to you by Calm, another leading meditation app available on a subscription basis, is Do Nothing for 2 Minutes, the title of which is a tall order that may be harder to follow than you’d expect. The website (or iOS app) instructs you to “just relax and listen to the waves,” without moving your mouse/trackpad or keyboard. If you’re unable to still device activity for the full 120 seconds, the timer stops and you’re booted back to the beginning. It’s a simple concept that provides you with a bite-sized chunk of time that’ll allow you to quickly unwind and destress on a basic level—that is, if you’re able to allow yourself the peace and quiet.

5. A Soft Murmur

If you’re looking to integrate some creativity into your downtime, then A Soft Murmur may become your new go-to platform. It allows you to select and layer up to 10 ambient noises for your own personalized auditory mix that’s perfectly tailored to your needs and desires. The tones and tunes generated by A Soft Murmur will allow you to focus, tune out, or simply kick back, relax, and melt away your workday until the next one rolls around come morning.

Philip Kushmaro

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