7 Inspirational Designs From Leading Subscription Boxes Companies



Subscription boxes have become a popular and convenient way of receiving the exact product types you want. From food to clothing, you can pretty much find any products you want at a reasonable price boxed and shipped at your door. What’s even better?  It’s curated and chosen for you according to your interest! You can’t get more convenient than that. If you are thinking of starting a subscription business of your own, you take a look at these 7 popular subscription companies on how they designed their packages and got their customers wanting more!

1. Teetubes

Teetubes Packaging
Teetubes Packaging

TeeTubes has a design that is so simple, yet unique in the world of subscription boxes – a branded tube. Every month, subscribers get a high-quality tee, tank top, or V-neck, depending on their preferences, neatly rolled up into the tube, plus surprise goodies. Very convenient, easy to store & unique compared to its competitors. 

 2. Trunk Club

Trunk Club's Boxes
Trunk Club’s Boxes

Trunk Club’s subscription box features minimalist design. Yet it is large enough to comfortably hold 6-8 items inside. These include pants, shoes, shirts and accessories. Think of it like a monthly personal shopper! Best part about it is that subscribers are only required to pay for what they choose to keep. They can return what they don’t want in the same box and ship it back to the company. The box packaging is simple yet sophisticated and consistently aligns with their brand and products. 

3. Loot Crate

Loot Crate's Simple Packaging Design
Loot Crate’s Simple Packaging Design

Loot Crate’s specialty is their various designs of print inside the boxes based on the different subscription crates. This ensures that every subscriber is catered to depending on their interests providing the ultimate unboxing experience before they even reach their products. The contents vary every month – from collectibles, stickers, tee-shirts and/or other novelty items; Geeks and gamers, for whom the subscription box is intended, enjoy the surprises they receive month after month! This is definitely a gamer and geek’s dream. 

4. Blue Apron

Blue Apron's Subscription Box Program
Blue Apron’s Subscription Box Program

Blue Apron sends subscription boxes containing pre-measured ingredients and recipes to their subscribers providing full convenience for their meals. Since the ingredients are shipped fresh, they are carefully wrapped/packed to retain their freshness and the packaging is made sure that ingredients do not mix with one another. The box is also designed to protect the contents against any damage using strong corrugated materials so that it can carry heavier products like wine bottles. Their blue apron print on the outside of the box is minimal but effective & creative enough to maintain its subscribers. 

5. Mantry

Mantry's wooden crates create a rustic feel
Mantry’s wooden crates create a rustic feel

Although Mantry’s subscription product packaging boxes isn’t actually a box, changing the material to wood made their packaging & masculine brand even more clearer. They call themselves ‘The Modern Man’s Pantry’ creating an experience of the classic use of the wooden crates while maintaining a modern way of receiving them. Interestingly and ironically enough, the wooden crates are packaged in cardboard boxes to their subscribers twice a month.

6. Barkbox

BarkBox boxes for man's best friend
BarkBox boxes for man’s best friend

This is meant for dog owners and has soft toys, doggie treats et al for Man’s best friend. The size of the subscription box varies according to whether the subscriber has opted for a ‘Large Dog’ subscription or a ‘Small Dog’ subscription. With packaging separators, they ensure that everything is neatly packed apart from the rest. For Bark Box’s design less is more, and having the simple print in the front of this corrugated subscription box is all it needs to get the attention of their customers. 

7. NatureBox

Naturebox's super bright print on recycled corrugated boxes
Naturebox’s super bright print on recycled corrugated boxes

The design of Naturebox’s subscription box packaging uses a kraft corrugated box, which gives a more ‘natural’ feeling. The design features ultra-bright colors, (lightly Pantone colors, since they feature extremely bright colors outside of the normal CMYK spectrum) creating a eye-catching, vibrant look, without any additional finishes on the box. This minimalistic style keeps it simple and attractive for their subscribers keeping products looking fresh and tasteful. The colors and the simplicity is enough to attract consumers looking for a convenient way to get and stay healthy. As it states in their slogan, the unboxing experience really is fun & vibrant, while providing good quality delicious treats! 

Hopefully these designs can inspire you to create a simple but memorable design on your next subscription box project!

 Image from Radmila/Shutterstock.


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