American Kids Forced to Obtain Permits to Sell Lemonade


Many Americans are teaching their kids how to run a lemonade stand to make them more accustomed to taking personal responsibility and entrepreneurship and value a private business.

Unfortunately, in a neighborhood in Denver, Colorado, somebody called the police on three little boys running a lemonade stand this past Memorial Day. The police told the three brothers that they needed a permit to sell lemonade in the neighborhood.

When he heard what the police were saying, one of the boys, a 4-year-old, started crying. The incident is surprising because Colorado doesn’t have specific laws to prohibit such businesses by local kids.

The police were unimpressed even when the boys’ mother told them that all the proceeds would have gone to charity.  The three boys wanted to donate the money to Compassion International, specifically to a 5-year-old Indonesian boy that needed clean water and food.

The boys’ mom said that they were “crushed and devastated” when they had to close the lemonade stand. It is amazing that the Colorado police would respond to a grumpy neighbor complaining about a bunch of local kids selling lemonade illegally.

Police Shutting Down Lemonade Stands Nationwide

The police could use their limited resources in other ways, like apprehending real criminals or stopping drunk drivers from killing pedestrians or other drivers. However, law enforcement officers didn’t see anything wrong with closing an innocent lemonade stand and make some kids cry.

Nevertheless, it is not the first time that American kids that want to run a lemonade stand have a hard time in doing so. In 2015, CNBC found that America’s entrepreneurial children are being faced with more and more bureaucracy.

For instance, in August 2010, a 7-year-old girl from Portland, Oregon, had to shut down her small lemonade business or get a $500 fine because she didn’t have a $120/year permit.

In August 2013, the NY police closed a lemonade stand run by two Queens girls because they lacked the nod of the city’s Department of Health to operate such “business.” The same happened to two teens in San Francisco in May 2014. The boys were threatened with a $1,500 fine.
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