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Optimize your LinkedIn presence to find qualified employees, more customers and increase brand awareness.

The professional business networking site, LinkedIn, can definitely give your business a boost. After all, there’s a reason why it has garnered more than 500 million users in 200 countries across the globe. That represents a large pool of businesses and users who are potential employees.

Create the right profile

There are thousands of users with incomplete profiles, including on the employer side. When creating your company’s LinkedIn profile, complete every field possible. That includes your company’s mission statement, locations, goals, working environments, benefits and team aspects. You can add your company website, Twitter and Facebook pages and any other pertinent URLs that apply.

And most important, when listing new job opportunities with your company, be sure to provide thorough job descriptions. A detailed job description gives prospective employees all of the knowledge they need about your company and what’s involved with the position.

Bottom line: You’ll more quickly find qualified candidates, making you more efficient and productive by taking the time to complete your company’s profile and by providing detailed job descriptions for new job openings.

Expand your network and potential customer base

Advanced Search can expand your current business network, helping you reach potential employees, partners and clients.

Consider joining LinkedIn Groups, a social networking platform where you can promote your business by sharing content, posting/viewing jobs, establishing business contacts and finding answers to questions from others in the same industry or from other like-minded professionals.

LinkedIn Groups also helps you connect with customers in a social setting and gain valuable feedback simply by creating a forum under your Group heading. It can also be a good platform for offering another layer of customer service.

Bottom line: You’ll garner valuable data feedback, expand your network and gain additional customers through word-of-mouth.

Create a company page to promote your business

By setting up a Company Page, you can help other LinkedIn members learn more in-depth details about your company, including specialties, sales, industry and additional job opportunities. This is also where you educate the public by providing news updates on your business, upcoming products and even establishing industry expertise.

Just like other social platforms, you can grow followers, which helps promote brand awareness. Think of your Company Page like an add-on to your LinkedIn page. It’s where you add news and information, ultimately driving increased traffic from search engines and forum conversations.

Bottom line: You’ll increase traffic to your page thanks to better brand awareness, news and social interactions.

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator

LinkedIn provides premium services to help your business utilize social sales or interact directly with potential buyers. Per LinkedIn, social selling leaders garner 45 percent more lead generation opportunities with potential buyers. They are 51 percent more likely to reach sales quotas and typically outsell those who don’t use social media by 78 percent.

LinkedIn created a special tool to make social media selling easy with Sales Navigator, which generates sales leads of people and businesses you should connect with based on supplied information. It allows you to track news and updates of important leads and business interactions.

Navigator also provides additional features, such as notifications (job changes, connection updates, etc.), advanced lead searches and the ability to track who has visited your profile or Company Page. You can even integrate it with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics if you need to, making it a power-driven sales platform.

Sales Navigator is a premium add-on. There is a monthly fee of $79.99 (less if you purchase the annual subscription). LinkedIn provides a free 30-day trial. And depending on the size of your business, there are also several different levels, including an enterprise version.

Bottom line: Sales Navigator is a useful tool for social selling to potential prospects and businesses.

While many people use LinkedIn for professional networking and job opportunities, there are many features that can help businesses of all sizes. LinkedIn provides tutorials for each platform, including Groups, Company Page, Sales Navigator and more. LinkedIn is a professional network that allows you to build and promote your business while gleaning valuable insider information and analytics to help your company grow – a truly useful and easy-to-use tool.

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