Furious Trump Blasts Harley-Davidson for Moving Production Overseas


On Tuesday, President Trump blasted Harley-Davidson over its decision to move parts of its production overseas and promised to hit the American company with punitive taxes. Trump acknowledged, thoug, that Harley-Davidson is an “American icon.”

The President criticized the motorcycle maker on Twitter, accusing it of having “surrendered.” Several Republican lawmakers heard the U.S. leader saying that he was “betrayed” by the Wisconsin-based company.

The President also tweeted that Harley-Davidson would lose its Aura and will be “taxed like never before.”

If they move, watch, it will be the beginning of the end — they surrendered, they quit!,

Trump tweeted.

On Monday, the company unveiled plans to move parts of its production to other countries after the European Union imposed a 31% levy on its bikes. The new tariff from the Europeans is a reaction to the Trump administration’s higher import taxes on European and Chinese aluminum and steel imports.

Trade Dispute Affecting Harley-Davidson and other U.S. Companies

It is not the first time, however, that Trump speaks harshly about an American corporation. He had attacked companies like Carrier and Amazon before. Companies usually opt for a low-profile when under fire.

Ironically, last year Trump invited Harley-Davidson representatives to the Oval Office to thank the firm for “building things” in the United States. He also praised the U.S. company multiple times.

On Tuesday, the White House blasted the European Union over the new import taxes, claiming that the tariffs are “groundless” because they infringe the World Trade Organization’s regulations.

However, Europe is not the only one to respond to the Trump administration’s measures to protect the U.S. trade. China, Mexico, and Canada have all imposed new tariffs on U.S. goods.

The Trump administration believes that these tariffs “do great damage to the multilateral trading system” and vowed to fix the issue.
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