Lattice Data, The “Dark Data” Startup, Was Just Acquired By Apple



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Apple confirmed its acquisition of Lattice Data a “dark data” management specialist company.

Over the weekend, various media reported that Apple made an interesting new acquisition. What initially started out as news from cited sources on the matter was later confirmed by the Apple brand itself through its standard response.

An Apple spokesperson stated, “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

According to the source to disclose the purchase, the deal was closed around two weeks ago. Media reports are vehiculating a $200 million sales value, that has yet to be confirmed by either company. The same source to release the news also stated that some 20 of the startup’s engineers have now joined Apple.

Lattice Data and Its Technology

Lattice Data is a tech company working in the AI field. It was founded in 2015 based on Stanford project called DeepDive. This system was created to “extract value from dark data.”

The company up came as a reported “commercialization” of the idea and also as a step forward in the process. Its operations are based on an AI-enabled interface engine. This takes “dark” unstructured information and transforms it into more usable, structured data.

“Dark data” is the term applied to unstructured information which is most times considered and effectively unusable in terms of analytics and processing. Lattice Data’s engine basically takes this information and orders it so as to make it usable.

According to reports, about 70 to 80 percent of all current data is unstructured. Lattice Data is based on machine learning, so its AI system should also get better at transforming data as it is fed with more information.

Its system can be applied throughout a variety of areas. Some offer medical research as an example, or paleontological one, as such a system could help parse and organize data.

Others present its potential utility in the AI field itself, thanks to its ability to create more useful and clearer data feeds. It remains to be seen how Apple will utilize its newly acquired technology.

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