Own an Electric Car? Tesla Motors New Partnership Will Blow Your Mind


Source: Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is currently in talks with Eco Green Auto Clean about forming a partnership between the two companies as discussed in this Forbes article.  If you know anything about these companies, you can likely deduce that this has the potential to be a perfect match.

If you are unfamiliar with one or both of these companies, allow us to take a few steps back and orient you. Tesla is an American automotive company that primarily produces and sells electric cars. In addition to electric cars, they also produce battery products for the home. It goes without saying that these cars are excellent for the environment because they run off of battery power.

Since no fuel is required, Tesla owners save money and help the environment. That is a win-win situation indeed. Eco Green Auto Clean utilizes environmentally friendly ingredients (such as coconut oil) to clean cars with just a small amount of water. How small? Just one cup of water is needed per car being washed. Microfiber towels are also used to apply the product and clean the car.

Tesla Motors is planning to test the automated Eco Green Auto Clean car wash in their Fremont Factory. If everything goes well, Tesla owners should be able to get their car cleaned while it charges at the supercharge locations. Any Tesla owner is familiar with the annoyance of having nothing to do while they wait 30 minutes for their car to charge at a charging station. However, this potential partnership between Tesla Motors and Eco Green Auto Clean may change that. The Eco Green products used will not damage the finish on Tesla cars. This should make any Tesla automobile owner very happy! With drought issues in states such as California, this potential partnership sounds like it could be a match made in eco-friendly heaven.

The only possible downside for Tesla customers is that this car cleaning service would not be free. A monthly subscription to Eco Green Auto Clean would likely cost around $90. If Tesla automobile owners are willing to sign up for a monthly car cleaning subscription, this partnership could have a very bright future for both companies involved. For Tesla car owners, this could mean time well spent while waiting for their car to charge at the charging station. And for the environment, this partnership would be nothing but positive because both companies are extremely eco-friendly!

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