Raise Customer Engagement With Marketing Automation Software



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You can use marketing automation to boost the level of customer engagement if you follow these simple tips.

One thing every budding entrepreneur needs to know before they start to settle into the corporate world, is that customers are your venture’s bread and butter. So facilitating them, understanding their views and making sure they are happy with your brand, should be on the top of your to-do list. When you are thinking about spreading the name of your brand, it is the people who will be the medium, one person telling the other, forming a chain of marketing that is incredibly successful.

Most firms use marketing automation to carry out such day-to-day tasks as emailing newsletters, scheduling social media posts and so on. That raises the question, if you want to increase customer engagement, while your company uses marketing automation, what should you do? 

Target a specific group of audience

Depending upon the nature of your business, there must be a specific group of people who are most likely to purchase your product or use your service. For instance, if you are an essay writing agency, you won’t target accountants or bodybuilders. Similarly, if you are a brand that sells fitness products, you will target bodybuilders and gym goers instead of school children. Every way that you engage with your customers needs to be targeted. The emails and newsletters you send to your customers need to be targeted to that group to then improve engagement.

The right place, the right time formula

Bombarding your customers with emails every five hours is not the way to go. Your customers don’t appreciate being bothered by tons of emails, and that’s not likely why they gave you their email addresses. They want you to send them important information about your services and your products. For example, mail customers about the discounts you are offering around Christmas in December, not July.


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Use tools

Using top quality marketing automation software will also help you to stay one step ahead of the curve at all times. Make sure you invest in a software that offers you all the solutions to all your customer engagement problems. Be it sales, Customer Relationship Management, social media integration, and email and web-publishing, make sure you get a software package that is worth the money you spend on it.

The quality of your content

Do not underestimate the role quality content plays in appealing to customers. Keeping your audience, the timing and place of your email, and everything else aside, it all comes down to the quality of your content when it comes to making the customer want to interact. Also, make sure your content is dynamic and catered to the needs of your customers because nobody likes a static web page that displays the same information to any person who visits; they want the content to be focused on their preference.

Use social media right

Your customers are interacting on social media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If they are online, you need to be online. Not only that, you need to interact with them. Use social media software to schedule posts and other things, so that even when you are not in the office, you can still upload a post and get your point across.


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