Start Planning Now: 5 Simple Steps to Cyber Monday Success


No. It’s not too early. You don’t want to wait until Halloween to start planning a strategy that can drive Cyber Monday sales this holiday season.

Ever hear of the phrase if you fail to plan, plan to fail? That’s exactly how you need to view Cyber Monday. Now’s the time to start putting the pieces of your strategy in place so you’re ready when November rolls around.

Online sales keep growing as more people choose to avoid holiday shopping stress at their local malls and choose online shopping instead.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a small eStore or huge retail giants like Amazon or AliExpress. Everyone can grab a chunk of the billions spent online during the holiday season.

Here’re a few simple steps to help you create a Cyber Monday plan for your eStore:

Figure Out Shipping Now

The power of shipping cannot be overstated. Free shipping is one of the biggest draws on Cyber Monday. Here’re a few mind-blowing statistics:

  • 83 percent of shoppers will wait to purchase an item to qualify for free shipping (up to seven days)
    93 percent of shoppers take action for free shipping.
    Free shipping is the 2nd most important factor for online shoppers

Now is the time to revisit your shipping options to see what kind of special you can offer your customers on Cyber Monday. For example, the E-commerce platform Selz has a storewide discount option that allows free shipping for a set number of days. Offering free shipping for orders over a certain price (like $50) is also a popular option.

Email is King

Even with the explosion of social media, email marketing is still king. Kissmetrics advises that “Social media is great, and you should use it in your marketing if that makes sense for your business. But you should not put it ahead of email marketing.”

With that in mind, start building up your email list. Although you may already be collecting email addresses during the checkout process, you can also add an incentive on your site for customers to sign up for coupons, sales, and new item announcements. The idea is to have a strong list ready to share before Cyber Monday.

Abandoned Cart Support

In my opinion, this is one of the most important aspects of any E-commerce store. People leave stuff in their cart all the time. Maybe they’re doing research or maybe they’re waiting to get paid. Whatever the reason, we shouldn’t dismiss these customers at this crucial stage.

According to HubSpot, 75.3 percent of businesses who use abandoned cart emails found that 50 percent of those customers will buy within an hour of abandoning their cart. That’s huge!  Look at your E-commerce platform’s feature to see if they offer an abandoned cart email service now. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

Start Working on Your Gift Guide

Gift guides are the easiest part of your Cyber Monday planning. All you do is create a guide that selects the best gift option for a group. The categories can be Mom, dad, babies, pets, sports enthusiasts, or cooks. It can also be narrowed down to a niche, like this one called “Blogger Picks Under $30” from The Everygirl:

Screenshot of blogger picks from

Start Blogging

This is where it all comes together. Blogging allows you to connect with customers on a different level. Blogging isn’t about selling but starting a conversation. It’s about sharing valuable information and becoming a trusted resource. Plus, it gives you great content to share across your social media platform.

Here’s a recent blog post from Warby Parker, which sells eyeglasses: We Like Your Photos: July 2016. Customers send in their glasses pics to Instagram and they may get featured in a special blog post. It’s fun, engages customers and gets them involved in sharing the product on social media. Brilliant.

Shoppers Are Waiting for Your Deals

Millions of shoppers know that Cyber Monday equals great deals. Many are willing to skip Black Friday madness in favor of stress-free shopping from home. But you won’t have great success if you don’t create a strategy until Black Friday.

The essence of E-commerce is built on technology which can take time to set up. You want to write the perfect emails, create the perfect can’t-miss sale, take engaging pictures, and send your clueless shoppers directly to your gift guides.

Remember that shoppers will be looking for deals that day with money to burn. Just make sure they burn it in your eStore.

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