Technology is Changing How Your Employees Communicate



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Good communication is increasingly viewed as an essential component of any modern workplace, leading to enhanced profitability, productivity and employee satisfaction. New advances in technology have streamlined the internal communication process.

Studies have shown that excellent communication can encourage increased productivity, better collaboration, less conflict and make a business more effective overall. In addition to the above, employees report a greater sense of well-being when communication is valued and good communications skills are encouraged. 

So how are modern businesses harnessing the power of technology to revolutionize and ultimately improve their approach to communications?

A new approach to communication

While lengthy, face-to-face meetings were once an integral part of office life, nowadays many businesses prefer to communicate and collaborate via the latest technology. Indeed, many businesses must communicate via the latest technology because their highly skilled staff are spread out in different locations. Further, many do not have time to travel. 

Solutions, like a unified communication approach, can quickly connect separate teams or remote individuals via instant messaging, presence indicators, voice connectivity and a plethora of other helpful tools.

Many offices also no longer require their employees to work from the office 100 percent of the time, and remote working is becoming an increasingly popular option. Technology is making it possible for your employees have access to important information – even while on the go.

Mobile technology and cloud computing are two solutions that make working from home easy and productive.

Smartphone apps are excellent for managing a wide, remote working team. Apps such as Slack and Basecamp can be used to manage multiple projects and employees as well as to store files for collaboration.

Cloud computing is another new aspect of technology, helping employees collaborate on shared files, access data from virtually any device and offer a reasonably secure back up for essential company information.

A new, tech-savvy workforce

While technology is changing how your employees communicate – undoubtedly for the better – your employees are likely also bringing their own preferred methods of communication into the office.

Take millennials as an example. This tech savvy generation has come to expect modern technology in the workplace and may encounter frustration if they are unable to access the most efficient tools available to them. Millennials are indispensable because they are quick to adapt to and adopt new methods of communication. They can be excellent at teaching others how to embrace new technology.

Technology, such as unified communications solutions, cloud computing, and mobile apps, are changing the way we live and work. The companies that embrace technological change are those most likely to thrive in the modern world.


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