United Airlines to Resume Pet Reservations in July


United Airlines said this week that it plans to resume pet reservations in June when it will allow only dogs and cats in the cabin. Meanwhile, the company is working with animal rights group American Humane to improve its pet transportation policies.

The U.S. carrier put on hold reservations for pets in March following a series of incidents that led to the death of one dog and the loss of two other dogs.

United confirmed Tuesday that the review of its pet-handling policies was still ongoing. It also said that it scaled back its PetSafe program to allow only cats and dogs on board.

United’s executive Jan Krems praised American Humane for their expertise and help in improving the services.

Pet Reservations Face limitations

In 2017, United ferried the largest numbers of animals of all U.S. carriers: 138,178. The total of animals transported by U.S. airline companies was 506,994. United landed in the hot seat for having the most pet deaths. Eighteen out of 24 pet deaths occurred on a United Airlines plane. Some of the animals that died mid-flight were birds and reptiles.

Travelers can make reservations for pets again starting July 9 if the animals are on the same plane as their owner. Reservations for animals that don’t travel on the same aircraft as their owner will resume July 16.

On flights to and from Las Vegas, Tucson, Phoenix, Palm Springs, United will not carry animals, citing high temperatures that might kill them.

Under the new policy, United will also refuse to transport dogs with a short or snubbed nose like Boston terriers, mastiffs, boxers, and Bulldogs since they are more likely to die from suffocation on the flight.

Some cat breeds will be banned as well: Persian, Burmese, Himalayan, and shorthair.
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